Six Ways To Better Health
Loving Life & Living Longer
 by Timothy A. Harris


We all understand the benefits of exercising, but for reasons we cannot explain- we refuse to do what we know is best for us. Determining how much exercise is needed, would completely depend on your condition now, your age and physical abilities. While exercising has been known to turn back the hands of time, it almost seems impossible to fit into our busy schedules. It is actually exerting oneself as far as you can go.


Walking increases the cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness, increasing the blood oxygen levels in the blood tissue. Walking also reduces the chances of heart disease and stroke. Understanding traditionally, how our foods are manufactured, we must not only eat healthy, but live healthy. Walking will also provide stamina, endurance and muscle strength. The best place to lose the unseen weight. Walk it Out!

Working Out

Clearly, the best model if you're looking to shred off the weight you’ve gained over the holiday season. There’s nothing like being disciplined enough to carve off the cholesterol, burn off the access butter or remove the ‘baby fat.’ Let’s face it, we all have something we don’t like about the “self.” Working out gives you a new perspective on “you,” that seems to demystify all that was taught about exercise. It also provides this uncanny confidence that cannot be filtered.


It centers the body, connecting you to the universe.

Gives you self- awareness and total peace.

Longer life and Healthy systems.

The easiest way to describe this ancient is “harmony”. All that lives, moves and creates has an essence that can relate to the synchronicity of meditation. We have seen the practice for years, knowing only what has been said about it, but never to experience the whole transferring of divinity. Sharing the sacred earth - the magical side of life. Not only to see and feel, but now to know exactly what it feels like to be, to exist, and to breathe.

Healthy Thinking

“When you think better, you feel better.”

Healthy thought patterns create a healthy atmosphere.

Thoughts have Power To Change Things.

Promoting positive thinking is healthy for many reasons, including seeing the optimistic side to all situations, no matter how they derive. A positive attitude could lead to jobs, promotions, a career change or even greater. When thinking is aligned with the way we feel, things happen. Positive thinking is actually used by 79% of America’s wealthiest people, says the “Money (CNBC) make it report. Studies show where an author did research, “Author who studies millionaires,” these are just one of the common denominators for the rich.


Mental Images

Visual expectations

Visualization is perfectly useful to give yourself an idea of the things you expect to get from life. The places you would like to visit, and friends you want to see. This is one unseen tactic that- the rich have had access to for years. Start utilizing these simple exercises into your daily routine, see the change- experience the difference.



Meditate in the morning.

Walking or exercise daily.

Think positive.

Visualize something better.

“A healthy life begins with a clear mind, awareness and positive thinking.” -T. Craft


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Timothy A. Harris, Copywriter, specializing in Direct- Response. I am also an Author, Poet and Life Coach